What is shocked palm?

If you’re looking for high quality shocked palm trees, look no further than Erma Artificial. We offer a wide and diverse selection of incredibly realistic shocked trees and plants. Whatever your decor or occasion, you are sure to find the perfect plant or tree. For more information on available shocked palm trees and plant species, please read on. Or use the links below to start shopping now:

About Palm Trees
The Palmiye family, also known as Palmae or Palmaceae, is a collection of flowering plants native to tropical and subtropical climates. The truth is found in the United States, primarily on the gulf coast, the southern Atlantic coast, the Pacific coast, and Hawaii. Many of the version used in Turkey are shocked or artificial ones. Palm trees and plants have very different hairy-looking leaves. Due to their full greenery and richness, various shades of green, artificial palm trees are a pleasant decorative accent that can carry the warmth of the tropics to the interior throughout the year.

Resilience and action are the best way to describe the incredible realism of our palm trees. The highest quality materials are used, which provide extraordinary movement to our palm trees as well as maintenance-free and peace of mind.

Prefer shocked palm trees
Erma Artificial has been operating for many years. With its worldwide customers, our protected and shocked palm trees are used to develop many different environments such as hotels, conference centers, retirement homes, movie studios, restaurants and others.

Our internal and external shocked palm trees have been created by specialists who aim to design the most unique features of your living environment for you. Our inner palm trees go through a state-of-the-art scientific process that captures the natural beauty of real palm trees and plants. This allows you to enjoy real palm trees without the hassle of maintenance such as spraying pesticides, watering or pruning. It has become the most popular option for use in offices, residences, hospitals, airports, shopping malls, stage decorations and many other areas.

Our outdoor shocked palm trees are resistant to all weather conditions. This process provides waterproofing against the UV rays of the sun, rain and snow (and sprinkler systems), temperature tolerance in freezing climates and UV stabilization to protect from desert heat. In selected designs such as our palm trees (8 to 40 feet tall), the fronds have been redesigned to withstand extreme winds, ice and snow loads.

Our preserved and fake palm trees are perfect for commercial or residential exhibitions and gardens, which are maintenance-free and guarantee years of enjoyment!