Artificial Palm Trees

A palm tree is an iconic symbol of tropical elegance and idyllic entertainment. White sand beaches, crystal blue oceans, or palm trees that stretch the leaves adorning an orange sunset represent a perfect holiday all over the world. Architects or designers of leading hotels, restaurants, hospitals, airports, cruise ships and shopping centers around the world often incorporate the magnificent beauty of a palm tree into their designs to capture the tropical calm that this tree creates. However, live palm trees found in non-ideal locations can face many challenges for commercial properties, often resulting in high maintenance costs.

Erma Artificial’s internal and external artificial palm trees protect the splendor of the palm tree while providing a great solution to combat the challenges of the protection of living products. It also does not require any way;

Sunlight or water,
Soil or fertilizer,
Pesticides or herbicides or
All kinds of trimming or pruning.

Our artificial palms from 3m to 25m can be used indoors and outdoors. Our palms are offered with real palm leaves or artificial palm leaves alternatives that are shocked on the real palm body. Our artificial palm trees are used with pleasure in many hotels, shopping centers, business centers and social areas. Artificial palm trees with shocked leaves are more suitable for indoor spaces. The use of artificial palm with artificial leaves outdoors provides a longer term solution. Our artificial palms are offered with shocked palm leaves or plastic palm leaves. Preparation can be made in desired sizes and sizes. Our product group consists of artificial palm, shocked palm, lawn fence, grass wall, artificial grass, artificial flower, artificial tree, artificial boxwood, artificial ivy, boxwood wall, bamboo and artificial plants.

While live palm trees are successful indoors, they require a significant amount of bright light and should be placed near windows or under skylights. Artificial palm trees are ideal for indoor environments where direct or indirect light is not available. In addition, healthy and vibrant inner palm trees will eventually grow from their area, colliding with the ceiling over time. If they are growing up, then unfortunately then they are dying. Artificial trees of Erma Artificial are produced according to the exact specifications of the customer and will neither grow nor die.

We source live, sapling-based palm trees and collect palm leaves and tree bark without harming the original plants. Then we treat these natural tree components with our special protection process until we are ready to be transformed into amazing natural accents, funds and shows.

What makes our artificial trees so believable? It starts with our special protection technique and our high quality protector:

It is safe and
Fire retardant
These properties ensure that the structure, texture and natural color of the palm leaves and palm tree bark we work with are always perfectly preserved.

You will be forced to believe that these masterpieces of Erma Artificial are artificial. The magnificent palm trees are specially produced to offer you the size, shape, style and density required by your commercial design.

Palm Trees

A garden is a land or plot dedicated to pomology, aquaculture, floriculture, viticulture, oenology and / or pastoralism, often adjacent to a house or a living composition. Gardens play a major role in the lives of many people worldwide, and there are more than 30 percent of households that own gardens. For some people, gardening is just a hobby, while for others it is an important way or profession of life. Sometimes, only artificial gardens are preferred, and beautiful appearance is obtained without any effort and effort.

Most artificial gardens in the world offer beautiful looks. However, there are also some gardens that emphasize animal husbandry. These are called zoology gardens and are more commonly known as zoos. The most common form of a garden is a residential garden. These adjacent houses and residential areas. While many people derive some of their daily diet from a residential garden, it is also called a kitchen garden.

Artificial gardens built for commercial and industrial purposes are also common. Modern gardens can either be based on technology and scientific advances or be completely organic and environmentally friendly.

Following the basic principles of organic farming and organic gardening, an organic garden can be easily started. In many cases, costly chemicals and synthetic fertilizers, such as toxic insecticides, have been replaced by healthier substitutes such as organic fertilizers and natural fertilizers. It includes numerous thoughtful processes such as organic gardening, biodynamic agriculture, accompanying cultivation, integrated pest management, composting and pheromone traps.

Artificial garden and Erma Artificial
As Erma Artificial, there are many projects and designs that we are involved in under the topic of artificial garden. We are a company that can predict exactly what you want with our experience over 20 years.